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British Holistic Veterinary Journal

Volume 1 Number 1 May 1999
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1999- 2008, ten years ago ?

Does it still exist ?

We only have one issue of this journal, you will find its content here (http://www.biblioboutik.vetosteo.co...)

But we write here the only paragraph where they speak about osteopathy :
In a letter from our neighbour vet, Graham Hart.

Letter from France :

" There are over twenty vets listed in the ROY Veterinaire as having a specialist interest in osteopathy [1] ;
That is about twenty more than in the U.K. !
It is possible to do a course in the Subject [2], run by vets.
It is seven week-ends over a year or so. I find the subdivisions of osteopathy a bit confusing but I think this is most allied to what we call Cranial Osteopathy in the UK.
One feels for the primary respiratory metabolism, something which requires a great deal of practice and skill. I have watched one vet do this and I can only describe it as more a ballet than a jerking, bone cracking event.
The vet used the horse itself to effect the movements in the thoracic and lumbar spine, rather than try to physically "crack bones".
In the cervical spine it was a bit more of a bone cracking procedure but no great big sudden forced movements but a bending of the neck then a sudden small thrust just at the right spot, very impressive (when does the next course start ?).
I was amazed and saddenned to find that the "ordenace veterinaire" the equivalent of the RCVS) does not recognise any of this [3].
However the use of alternative medecine is growing as in the UK so it will probably just be a matter of time before these modalities are recognised."

[1Now 250 NDLR

[2IMEV, the only shool existing at this date (1999) NDLR

[3is it different in 2008 ?

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