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069 - Abigail Amyotrophy

Créé le : Sunday 25 April 2010 by Elena Villa, Françoise Marzin Keller

Dernière modificaton le : Monday 4 December 2017

Abigail, a neutered Border collie female, aged 4 years old, trained for obedience is brought in for an osteopathy consultation because she has got an asymmetrical walk (like a crab) and the thorax appears very asymmetrical as well. The owner while petting her bitch can feel a rib which sticks out on one side. The bitch often contracts her subcutaneous muscles if patted on the back.

X-Rays made when she was 2 years old show a hip dysplasia on the left (level C2). The right hip doesn’t show any defects.

She was seen in osteopathy for the first time the 22nd of June 2009:

All tensions are corrected with functional methods except fingers dysfunctions which are corrected structurally.
Diameter of right thigh: 27 cm
Diameter of left thigh: 31 cm

The bitch slept for two days after the consultation and the second day had two diarrhoeas.

She was seen for a check up the 7th of July 2009:

Her walk seems symmetrical and both hind legs foot marks cover really well the front legs foot marks when trotting.
The thorax is also completely symmetrical and the back hypersensitivity has disappeared.

All tensions found are functionally corrected.
During this period, Abigail’s physical activity hasn’t been changed, nevertheless:

 Diameter of right thigh: 28.5 cm (+ 1.5 cm)
 Diameter of left thigh: 31 cm

Having rebalanced the body function has allowed the left thigh to gain muscle.

Can osteopathy on its own equalise both thighs and at a satisfactory speed or would they need the help of physiotherapy? Of course it depends as well on the state of the patient, its health and physical condition.
Let’s see in a few weeks!

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