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Synaptic neuron-astrocyte communication is supported by an order of magnitude analysis of inositol tris-phosphate diffusion at the nanoscale in a model of peri-synaptic astrocyte projection

lundi 12 février 2018 par Pavel Montes de Oca Balderas and Horacio Montes de Oca Balderas
Astrocytes were conceived for decades only as supporting cells of the brain. However, the observation of Ca2+ waves in astrocyte synctitia, their neurotransmitter receptor expression and gliotransmitter secret...

Thermal decomposition of the amino acids glycine, cysteine, aspartic acid, asparagine, glutamic acid, glutamine, arginine and histidine

vendredi 9 février 2018 par Ingrid M. Weiss, Christina Muth, Robert Drumm and Helmut O. K. Kirchner
The pathways of thermal instability of amino acids have been unknown. New mass spectrometric data allow unequivocal quantitative identification of the decomposition products.

GPMVs in variable physiological conditions : could they be used for therapy delivery ?

mercredi 3 janvier 2018 par Špela Zemljič Jokhadar, Urška Klančnik, Maja Grundner, Tjaša Švelc Kebe, Saša Vrhovec Hartman, Mirjana Liović and Jure Derganc
Cell based carriers are increasingly recognized as a good system for cargo delivery to cells. One of the reasons is their biocompatibility and low toxicity compared to artificial systems. Giant plasma membrane...

Human S100A5 binds Ca2+ and Cu2+ independently

mercredi 22 novembre 2017 par Lucas C. Wheeler and Michael J. Harms
S100A5 is a calcium binding protein found in a small subset of amniote tissues. Little is known about the biological roles of S100A5, but it may be involved in inflammation and olfactory signaling. Previous wo...

Kinetic and thermodynamic studies reveal chemokine homologues CC11 and CC24 with an almost identical tertiary structure have different folding pathways

mardi 12 septembre 2017 par Baosheng Ge, Xiaoyong Jiang, Yao Chen, Tingting Sun, Qiuxia Yang and Fang Huang
Proteins with low sequence identity but almost identical tertiary structure and function have been valuable to uncover the relationship between sequence, tertiary structure, folding mechanism and functions. Tw...

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