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Learn to sit still....

Créé le : Tuesday 30 November 2010 by Antonio Ruiz De Azua Mercadal

Dernière modificaton le : Monday 18 April 2011

Hugh Milne. ”The Heart of listening. A visionary approach to craniosacral work”. p.2. Edition: North Atlantic Books Berkeley California. ISBN: 1-55643-279-8.

- Learn to sit still, to wait until your dust has settled and your air has become clear. Wait for deep stillness. Then, start.

- Above all, go slowly.

- Develop intuitive perception and understanding of everything. Pay attention to everything, especially the little things. Changing the little things often brings about the largest improvements.

- Treat everyone, and every part of everyone, as equal. Every cell in the body has consciousness. Every minute structure of the dreambody is a hologram.

- The more we focus our awareness in present time, the more our perception of time slows and the greater our perception of cranial movement becomes. This is expanded consciousness, « larger me ». In this consciousness you see what troubles everybody. Do not even attempt this in ordinary consciousness.

- Presence is much more important than technique. Beginners want to learn more and more techniques. When you achieve mastery, one technique will do.

- It is amazing how much how many will do.

- Ask permission to touch the client’s head. Then put your hands on his head and wait. Wait for the head to tell you what to do. If the head tells you to do nothing, do nothing.

- You cannot go too deep, just too fast.

- Ask for spiritual help after you have done your best. When you don’t know what to do, ask for a cup of tea.

- Meditate, live purely, be quiet, and do your work with mastery.

- Do you work, then stand back.

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