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A necessary update on the reliability of osteopathic palpation for future research : a narrative review of literature

Créé le : Saturday 29 June 2024 by Joseph Kallel

Dernière modificaton le : Monday 1 July 2024


Context: The reliability of osteopathic palpation as a diagnostic tool is contentious, due to inconsistent results and various limitations in the existing research, highlighting the need for a deeper understanding of its nature and assessment.

Objective: To do a narrative review about the different bias and limits about reliability of palpation and provide a nuanced view of this essential osteopathic technique and submit new models.

Methodology: The research has been done by a non systematic research on pubmed and google schoolar, using key words and related articles.

Development: Consideration of various factors is crucial for interpreting results, including the variability of confidence, effects of repeated testing, relaxation of patient and therapist, the research of link between palpation and pain, and the focus on mechanical or exteroceptive palpation in research. Incorporating concepts such as interoception, intuition, ideomotor movements, and the palpation contact point, the understanding of palpation is broadened, reflecting its use in osteopathy. Touch involves a broader perception than merely exteroceptive or mechanical sensation.

Conclusion: Palpation is a reliable tool that need to be practice and evaluated specifically Future research should examine interoceptive and intuitive aspects more rigorously, and test palpation with criteria that are specific to what is felt in consultation.

Key Words:

Osteopathic palpation, tactile perception, osteopathic palpation reliability, intuition, interoception, ideomotion mouvement


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