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Yang hyper esthésique ...
Créé le : Saturday 28 December 2013 by Françoise Marzin Keller, Patrick Chêne

Dernière modificaton le : Saturday 9 December 2017

Yang is a crossed Groenendael, who comes for an osteopathic consultation because he has been screaming for a week everytime he is touched on his left side, under his belly and on the pelvis. The pathology happened suddendly.

Scans and palpation researches of diseases and particularly kydney ones were made by a veterinarian collegue and revealed nothing. The medical treatment installed (Tramadol ND), brought no improvement.

The osteopathic consultation shows an inverted physiological torsion, but moreover a very high Medullar Traction Force, especially in the left inferior chord (water element in chineese medicine).

But on top of spinal chord tension, an abnormal curve of the tail has to be noticed at the tenth caudal vertebra level, where the filum terminale closes (whom insertion point goes from end of tail to about C3, at least from embryo stage to old dog).

It is only when this abnormality is treated that the hyperesthesia disappears like magic... even before the end of the consultation.

One also has to notice that the dog previously had distemper.

Thus, the proposed pathogeny is the following one :

 Disturbance in the tail at an important point for equilibration of the MTF, after a probable stress unnoticed by the owner, as a strong traction of the spinal chord which classicaly leads to spasms.

But the fact that he screams because he can not stand being touched is a rare symptom, of which we can think is due here :
 to the fact that the dog had distemper, which often leaves nervous aftereffects, non visible normaly in this dog, but revealed in this occasion.

I take this opportunity to underline two links with other complementary medicines/

 the homeopathic remedy which works well for distemper in nervous phase is silicea, which also goes well with symptoms as "can not stand beeing touched" and is the first choice remedy for a dog with tensed MTF.
 the touched spinal chord is the water one (inferior left chord) : though the symptoms appeared a hearth day in chineese medicine and the treatment occured the first water day of winter...though in the law for elements successions in chineese medicine, hearth element slows down water element.

All these elements respond to one another in such a sympathetic web that one could think that Yang read its complementary medicine lessons!

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