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091 - ’Dépêche’ of saturday the 11th of february 2012

"A lower back pain" or how Tagada ricks her back
Créé le : Wednesday 14 March 2012 by Bruno Denis, Françoise Marzin Keller

Dernière modificaton le : Friday 8 December 2017

’Tagada’ fractured her pelvis about a year ago and it healed without surgery. Since then, she is apparently quite well and only shows a lower right hip and a hole between the apex of her sacrum and her iliac bones.
Yesterday, during her evening walk, she threw herself quickly on the ground, on her back, while submiting to another big dog who came to meet her brutally. Luckily : no bites! But straight away, she was not able to stand on her hindlegs anymore. Despite the anti-inflammatories and the pain killers given by the referent veterinarian, she was unconfortable all night and this morning, she is still unable to lift up her hindquarters properly.

Obviously, as there are no neurological disorders nore acute pain, there should not be any tissue damage. It is more likely to be a lower back pain as if she had ricked her back.


She arrived carried in harms...and left on the lead


PRM (primary respiratory movement) treatment on the spinal column and functional one on the lumbar vertebras. Tissular approach on the sacro-coccyx density. Sacro-skull work on the MTF (medullar traction force).


During the osteopathic control, straight after the treatment, the sacro-coccyx density is almost imperceptible, the lumbar dysfunctions are gone, the sacro-skull PRM is regular.
When left free : Tagada walks and trots, and it even seems that the right hip is as high as the left one. These observations are still valid 8 days later.


What happened the day before was only ’the straw’ which launched the lumbar dysfunctions.
The sacro-coccyx density and the lack of sacro-iliac mobility are traces kept and memorised for a year in the tissues which got stuck in the traumatism healing process, leading this area to its lack of adaptability and thus pushing the whole body struture to compensate on other areas (tensegrity concept).

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