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081 - Dépêche of January 2011

A frontleg problem over the jumps.
Créé le : Saturday 7 January 2012 by Catherine Laurent, Françoise Marzin Keller

Dernière modificaton le : Thursday 7 December 2017

 Osteopathy, Holistic medecine

One often talks about "global medicines" to describe alternative medicines including osteopathy.

By this, we underline the fact that every dysfunction has to be taken into account-rather than only the most visible clinical sign- to explain the chain of secondary dysfunctions which the body creates to resist, as far as it can, to the first dysfunction.

NINA clinical case illustrates this approach : the inertia of her frontleg is an unequivoval symptom, though the cause is multi-dysfunctional.

NINA is a nice little mare, with very good results in show jumping. Nevertheless, for about 9 months, she has been letting her right frontleg behind while jumping, as if it suddendly became inert, which penalises her a lot. She has been seen by specialized veterinarians and osteopaths, but the problem still occurs, as if the mare could not lift up or bend her leg anymore.

This problem only appears while jumping, as the walking locomotion examination seems normal with the mare putting her frontleg down properly.

 The "cards castle" of compensatory dysfunctions…

Osteopathic examination reveals a chain of vertebral dysfunctions (rotations-side bendings) which starts rotating to the right, at the skull, down to the left iliac, which is not mobile enough (cf photo).

On a visceral level, there is a strong mediastinal reaction, (triple heater in chineese medicine), a dysfunctional left kidney and a diaphragm pulled towards the left at each thoracic movement.

On the whole, the mare is streched on her skull-sacrum axis because of her left half-pelvis which is not mobile enough. The compensatory left vertebral blockage from C7 to T3 pushes the right front leg onto the ground. Visceral dysfunctions are probably due to emotions, linked to recent events in the mare or her young owner’s environment.

Technics used to treat the mare combined visceral functional treatments which immediately freed associated dysfunctional vertebras (T1-T3 for Triple Heater and L1 for the left kydney) with then a structural treatment on front legs to free the first ribs and on left hind leg, which allowed pelvis to move properly. The seventh cervical vertebra is finally freed by another structural manipulation of the neck.

While checking the mare at the end of the osteopathic treatment, both skull tension and fascial movement of the left temporo-mandibular joint had disappeared.

 Advices for working out the mare

On top of giving the mare granules of Arnica 5CH during 3 days following the manipulation, harpagophytum (Harpag’ohm ND) was given out for 15 days, as well as Wild Oat Bach Flower to help free the emotional tensions.

Work advices were to use bars on the ground then small cavalettis to test the mare on the control of her front leg.

Eight days after manipulation, the results are spectacular : the mare lifts up and bends her front leg over little jumps while being lunged.

One month after the visit, the mare was jumping perfectly well in competition (cf photo).


This case illustrates the serial blockages which can organise themselves around one vertebral spot (left sacro-iliac joint not mobile enough here) or-more like it- a visceral one and the symptoms sometimes peculiar which can occur.

Freeing those viceral tensions allow the animal to re-organise itself around joints which are now back to normal biomechanical functioning.

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